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Are you looking to build a high-performing version of you, your business or your team, with inclusion and equity at the core of it? 
You are in the right place!

Hello hello hello, I am Vanessa Belleau! 


 My mission is to get everyone to truly thrive in the workplace with positive energy and belonging at the core.

As the founder of High Fifteen, I am an expert in building inclusive high-performing workplace cultures. I focus on delivering inclusive high-performing programmes and strategies, anchored in research, first-hand examples and insights.


I support companies - from big corporates to micro via startups & charities - with inclusive workplace strategies and workshops.


I also guide individuals, entrepreneurs and solo founders visualise how much more successful they can be by focussing on their mindset and unlock paths for success - whatever it is to them.


My services
  • Want some help to make your business more diverse & inclusive?

  • Curious about where to start to enable real transformational change in your organisation? 

  • Want to know how to future-proof your business?

  • Need support to define your vision and business strategy?


I will help you with:



Create an inclusive workplace culture by embracing new ways of working focussed on belonging with no biases


Invest in supporting your team to develop a growth mindset  & focus on their strengths, so resilience replaces overwhelm


Let me support you with developing a compelling 

future vision & strategy for your business so you can deliver excellence

  • Want to unlock a winning positive mindset in yourself and develop resilience techniques?

  • Need to remove your limiting beliefs and achieve more results?

  • Looking for an accountability partner & coach, who will get you to where you want to be?

  • Motivated to know how to become a Diversity + Inclusion advocate?


I will help you with:



Become a diversity advocate by targeting your implicit bias + learning how to influence the system! 


Gain a new sense of clarity and purpose so you reach your goals confidently and with energy + motivation

Happy clients

'I have worked with Vanessa for over 5 years now and she is one of the most refreshing, passionate, energetic, optimistic, and thought-provoking coaches and creative business strategists.

She is extremely versatile able to move effortlessly between delivering high level and high impact strategic seminars and workshops on future business, societal & consumer insights & trends (She presented a very dynamic Transformation seminar to a group of HRDs in 2018), to more intimate group coaching sessions on self-reflection, self -awareness & purpose.  Even on these more personal topics, she is able to challenge to higher thinking and self-discovery and connect with her audience. Her style always captures the attention and respect of her participants– she is highly engaging, positive, participative and accessible. She uses relevant and relatable models and concepts that resonate instantly and can be applied straight away.  I always look forward to opportunities to work with Vanessa to inform and inspire and support and coach others.'


Talent Management & Acquisition Director, LVMH FASHION GROUP

'Vanessa – I cannot share how amazing your impact was today. Thank you SO much for joining us and inspiring so many women at LS&Co. I think people shared their appreciation with you directly, but if you ever need a reminder of your strength, your vision and your power, remember every single one of those 120 women out of their seats cheering for you.

 Your story and your passion resonated with so many women in the room today. You were the voice we needed to hear at the moment we needed to hear it.'


Senior Director of Corporate Affairs for Europe, LEVI STRAUSS & CO


'It's been a delight to work with [Vanessa and her collaborators] who helped us design, pilot and run a series of 'Inclusion essentials' training sessions for our staff and trustees. [They] brought a huge amount of intellect, practical expertise, energy and great facilitation skills - particularly for delivery on a remote basis. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again on future projects'

Head of Influence, COMIC RELIEF

'Vanessa has a unique ability to tackle hard-hitting and ‘uncomfortable’ topics in the most inspiring, motivational and positive way possible. Her matter-of-fact delivery, and deep understanding of our industry, along with insightful context of the current climate in regards to social justice and D&I, enabled our team to reflect and evaluate the role we each play as individuals as well as the working parts in a wider system, and opened up conversations in a way that hadn’t happened previously. We ended the session not only better educated, but empowered and inspired to implement our learnings with concrete tools and strategies to do so. She created a safe space and struck a perfect balance between reflective and practical, with enough time to evaluate our own positions but no time to dwell without taking action! We will certainly be working with her again in the future.'


Business Development Manager, BRITISH FASHION COUNCIL


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Book me for your event!

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I regularly deliver keynotes, run workshops or take part in panel discussions and/or get interviewed. I LOVE to engage and delight an audience. I had the opportunity to speak at various  company events and conferences all over the globe - from London to Tokyo, via Milan, Paris, Amsterdam and San Salvador.


  • DEIB [Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging] ?! What is it all about and what is at stake?

  • ​Let's talk about unconscious bias

  • How to create a Belonging workplace culture

  • Let's focus on future generational lifestyles

  • Let's talk about imposter syndrome

  • Let's talk about everyday leadership 

  • Let's talk about inclusive leadership



Any questions, GET IN TOUCH!

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  • get me to run a webinar or workshop on Diversity and Inclusion topics and/or future consumer + societal insights that will open your mind to new possibilities

  • support you with your business strategy

  • help you with your Diversity & Inclusion strategy and execution

  • coach you and/or your team to be the best version of you to deliver your business goals

  • and more!


 I can deliver face to face or remotely!

  • In an hour presentation with Q&A

  • In a half/full day workshop

  • in 1-2-1 sessions

  • and more


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