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Let's all be human: my message to those who want to make progress and embrace Inclusion & Belonging

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Something you need to know about me: I often use November to reflect on the year that is ending and plan the year ahead. I know that some people may think that it is very early to reflect fully on 2021, but I truly believe in constant self-reflection. It helps me to engage with my daily routine, never-ending to-do list (I am not complaining!😅) and helps me to define what I need to focus on over the future months, the year ahead etc both in my private and professional lives.

Showing up in the workplace has become overwhelming for many, too many, possibly. In my capacity as an Inclusion and Belonging Consultant and an accredited Executive Coach, I am privileged to have people trust me with their life stories and especially how it has become very hard for them to cope with the realities of the workplace, the politics, the pressures, the issue of not being able to have their voices heard without repercussion, feeling unappreciated and/or focussing on something with a greater purpose than making money alone etc.

It is time to reflect on the future of work and build new codes

Many are talking about the 'Big Quit' or the 'Great Resignation'

(= workers wanting to/deciding to leave their jobs and not looking back).

Employees are redefining if they want to 'work to live' or 'live to work' and many are feeling unapologetic about their decisions. The pandemic has helped everyone to define what is the most important to them, and it is very interesting to witness and analyse.

It is time to really reflect on the future of work and build different grounds and codes, that will require new leadership skills.

This year, I have shared one key message with my clients: BE HUMAN! Acknowledge that people do not have the same experiences of life, accept it and act accordingly.

Being human means that we all need to showcase more compassion and empathy.

With everything that happened over the past 18 months, I truly believe that many of us have forgotten how to connect on a human level. This is why we are all witnessing so many microaggressions, lack of respect, lack of understanding, more division, more blame, work rage, people burning out, etc.

The journey is humbling

I have recently started to work with a very well-known luxury brand (possibly the most known globally) and I have started to accompany them in their efforts to instil confidence among their senior leaders in the UK and IRL by focussing on inclusive leadership behaviours. We have had two sessions so far, and it has been very humbling for me to see the pennies drop and the understanding build.

I can only continue to inspire brands and people to do more and to tune in to themselves to find the courage to do the work.

If you want to know more about what I do every day, what I speak to my clients about, then please let me know! I am happy to share as much as I can. Together, we can do so much more than by ourselves! For those, who do not know, I work with large companies, small companies, charities, agencies and individuals.

Visit the 'About' section to know more about my work and read testimonials!

Thank you for reading! Vanessa ⭐️

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