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Who am I

I am a seasoned Inclusive High Performance Culture Consultant and Educator, with over 18 years of experience of corporate dynamics. 


I have founded High Fifteen Ltd in 2019 to support a wider range of companies (from micro to macro via charities and scale-ups) and have delivered:

- Over 1500 workshops & keynotes to date

- Impacted over 20000 employees and senior leaders so far through training delivery, coaching and/or strategy design & execution.


I am a qualified Executive Coach & Mentor, accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) as well as a Strengthscope®  Accredited Master Practitioner. I am also accredited in Emotional Intelligence.


I have an MSC In European Business Administration and an MA in Business Management from the French Burgundy School of Business.


More about me: Linkedin

Who I work with

Screenshot 2024-07-12 at 08.23.57.png

I have collaborated with over 90 companies so far. 

My focus is clear: supporting and guiding clients to build and foster inclusive high performing workplace cultures.


I do this by combining: 

  • Executive Coaching - I am accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council - EMCC

  • Positive psychology philosophy - I am an accredited Strengthscope® Master Practitioner - a positive psychology psychometrics profiling tool

  • Emotional intelligence principles - I am a certified EQ-i 2.0 practitioner - an EQ psychometrics coaching tool

  • Tested Diversity Equity Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) principles and practices


My purpose is very simple: make people and brands focus on what truly matters in the workplace = to enable everyone to perform at their best everyday.

I use mixed methods to get there: expertise, creativity, compassion and frameworks!

I am extremely solution focussed and do not like to waste my energy. I work with organisations, who are committed, want to see progress and create positive impact internally and externally.


I am commercially minded and extremely flexible in my methods. Each organisation has a different culture, that I vouch to respect and stretch.






What people say

Regional manager

I wanted to say a big and heartfelt thank you [for the 1/2 day workshop], I had high hopes for the session and you exceeded those for sure.

There were some really interesting conversations and thought processes with/from the managers on Wednesday evening, the content has definitely evoked something in the team which I am grateful for.

The journey really starts here…..

Managing Director UK Ireland & South Africa at LOUIS VUITTON

How to drive change with an outburst of positive energy… Vanessa has been and continues to be a key stakeholder in making our teams better teams inside out! A real fresh and inspirational approach in your coaching program Vanessa. We always love having you by our side to accompany our leaders in leaving a positive impact our wider teams and create a performing and kind ecosystem 🙏🏼

Chief Brand Officer,

Vanessa was a guiding light when we needed her most. In these times, even when intentions are good it is only too easy to be misunderstood or misstep. Thankfully, we had Vanessa to ensure that our business’ values were conveyed in the right way, at the right time and we truly showed up for our people the way we wanted to. Starting as a consultant, and quickly becoming a friend - one of life’s good people

What people say

Global Director Diversity & Inclusion, CBRE

Vanessa is an amazing thought Leader and Executive DE&I Coach, that has helped me to discover and show up with my best authentic self. I have received coaching several times before, but never from a black person and I never considered how impactful it would be to learn from someone that has also been on the receiving end of either unconscious bias or micro aggressions. Vanessa is energetic, fun, intelligent and a strategic coach that has added significant value to my leadership toolkit and I am looking forward to continuing our journey in 2022

CEO, Better Nature

Vanessa's support has been absolutely transformational for my leadership style, that of my co-founders, and, consequently, the way Better Nature has been performing since we started working with her. There's a marked difference in the way the business has been operating before and after Vanessa's influence. She is incredibly perceptive and got right into the core of our issues as a co-founding team within our first session. She then worked together with us individually [...] The outcome was not only a significant shift in how we operate as a team and as a business but also how we see ourselves as leaders today and in the future. Since working with Vanessa, I feel more confident than ever to be the CEO that Better Nature needs and deserves and I would wholeheartedly recommend others to do the same.

Director at Ipsos UK and Co-Chair of RECHeritage, Ipsos Mori

Vanessa spoke at our network’s BHM event last month as a keynote speaker and a panelist - she was absolutely fantastic. Her talk was engaging, passionate and boundary pushing. We received lots of good feedback from attendees. She was also very easy to work with and worked collaboratively with us to flesh out ideas that bring impact. I would not hesitate to recommend Vanessa to any organisation who’d like to have a great speaker in D&I space. Thank you Vanessa!

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