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I am a storyteller of social truths

I love to help my clients understand and visualise how much more successful they can be:

  • by using sharp strategic insights,

  • a bucket full of passion

  • and plenty of humour.

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I founded High Fifteen in 2019 as my way to answer one key business need: fusing strategy with insights, passion and commerciality and of course, putting people first, after 14 years of experience working with 60+ brands in many industries (Fashion, Beauty, FMCG and Services).

I enjoy creating meaningful & authentic relationships with my clients based on trust, curiosity, excellent communication and empathy. I use my positive growth mindset, creativity, experience & energy to encourage my clients to focus on themselves, their strengths and discover excellent strategic opportunities for them and their business!

I am a qualified Executive Coach & Mentor, accredited by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) as well as a Strengthscope®  Accredited Master Practitioner (individual, leader and team assessments).

I have an MSC In European Business Administration and an MA in Business Management from the French Burgundy School of Business.

More about me: Linkedin & Instagram

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I have a lot of energy + expertise to share

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When I get excited, I give people three 'high fives'! One 'high five' doesn't match my level of passion, so I decided to use this name to express and share this energy with all of my clients!


▪️'High' refers to growth, journey and big picture.

▪️'Fifteen' also has a significant meaning: it relates to the combination of the material and spiritual, referring to a steady flow of energy and describes the source of power and cooperation.

I end all presentation or workshop with getting the audience to do a 'high fifteen 🤚🏻🤚🏼🤚🏾' to share the high spirits and get them motivated to try new things and think differently! ⭐️


I have high standards and don't apologise for it

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I thrive for excellence, not perfection. Because I care about your time, my promise is to apply all of my skills to get you to gain the right insights at the right moment, whether you are building yourself or your brand.

My methodology is simple but not simplistic: I use my 15 years experience, exceptional research skills and deep understanding of people + future-proofing societal & business insights to answer any brief.

I support brands & individuals get ready for their better future.

I enable them to make better future-proof strategic decisions.

I champion the discovery of fantastic possibilities + help to define and achieve success paths.



I have worked with over 80 brands so far

I am currently the Global D&I consultant for Gymshark, the UK Belonging consultant for Dover Street Market London, a key D&I partner for Louis Vuitton UK & IRL, LOEWE + LVMH Fashion Group, the D&I consultant for the Smalls and homelessness charity Caritas Anchor House.


I have also been trusted by Levi’s, CBRE, The Walt Disney Company, Comic Relief, Bleach London, The Women’s Forum Network, The British Fashion Council, Givenchy, Here be dragons PR agency, among others, as well as small businesses.


I have delivered D&I strategies, advised on implementation & trained over 3000 employees/leaders to embed D&I holistically in their business.




Because everyone deserves to belong in the workplace

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