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I am lucky to work with great brands
+ individuals. Here is what some say...


'Vanessa – I cannot share how amazing your impact was today. Thank you SO much for joining us and inspiring so many women at LS&Co. I think people shared their appreciation with you directly, but if you ever need a reminder of your strength, your vision and your power, remember every single one of those 120 women out of their seats cheering for you.

 Your story and your passion resonated with so many women in the room today. You were the voice we needed to hear at the moment we needed to hear it.'


Senior Director of Corporate Affairs for Europe, LEVI STRAUSS & CO


'Vanessa has a unique ability to tackle hard-hitting and ‘uncomfortable’ topics in the most inspiring, motivational and positive way possible. Her matter-of-fact delivery, and deep understanding of our industry, along with insightful context of the current climate in regards to social justice and D&I, enabled our team to reflect and evaluate the role we each play as individuals as well as the working parts in a wider system, and opened up conversations in a way that hadn’t happened previously. We ended the session not only better educated, but empowered and inspired to implement our learnings with concrete tools and strategies to do so. She created a safe space and struck a perfect balance between reflective and practical, with enough time to evaluate our own positions but no time to dwell without taking action! We will certainly be working with her again in the future.'


Business Development Manager, BRITISH FASHION COUNCIL


Trained all of the UK based staff (over 350 employees) on the importance of D&I and Unconscious Bias. Received very positive feedback with 95% of feedback survey respondents rating the training at least 4 stars out of 5. 

'The energy Vanessa brought from the start. Really kept us all engaged and allowed us to relax early on. Also, approaching such a complicated topic and ingrained mindset in a creative and fun way, allowed me to appreciate my own biases.'

'I really loved the interactivity, but also Vanessa's energy in general. I enjoyed how she asked everyone to have their camera on - I think that really opened up the session as it's important to see people's emotions during a session that has the capacity to be so vulnerable. I think it was very well-segmented and the information was digestible.'

'Thought it was such a great open workshop, really good mix of interactive (with using breakouts and discussions) as well as learning! Amazing energy as well, felt so comfortable talking through difficult subjects.'

'I really loved the enthusiasm that Vanessa had, and i think this made everyone feel at ease. It was outlined from the start that it would be a "no judgement zone" which was really beneficial and helped people to be honest. I also liked that we were in very small groups of peers on similar levels, I think this allowed people to be really open and honest. There was also a variety of how the workshop was delivered; some group work, some individual questions, some videos etc which kept it really interesting!'




'Vanessa and I worked together on a webinar for the Women’s Network Forum in November 2020. Working with Vanessa was like a breath of fresh air. Vanessa is highly knowledgeable and truly a subject matter expert in what she does. Vanessa spoke on the topic of ‘Active Allyship’ sharing insights, knowledge, and engaged the audience in an upbeat, honest, and highly articulate way. Since the event we have had many positive comments on the webinar including a personal message from HRH The Countess of Wessex who thanked her for her generous contribution on such an important topic. I would happily recommend Vanessa for any company who wants to think differently and tackle these uncomfortable issues in the most thought-provoking yet effective way.'

Co-chair of BT’s Gender Equality Network and Group lead for Inspiring the next generation @Women's Network Forum (WNF), chaired by HRH The Countess of Wessex GCVO


'I have worked with Vanessa for over 2 years now and she is one of the most refreshing, passionate, energetic, optimistic, and thought-provoking coaches and creative business strategists.

She is extremely versatile able to move effortlessly between delivering high level and high impact strategic seminars and workshops on future business, societal & consumer insights & trends (She presented a very dynamic Transformation seminar to a group of HRDs in 2018), to more intimate group coaching sessions on self-reflection, self -awareness & purpose.  Even on these more personal topics, she is able to challenge to higher thinking and self-discovery and connect with her audience.

Her style always captures the attention and respect of her participants– she is highly engaging, positive, participative and accessible. She uses relevant and relatable models and concepts that resonate instantly and can be applied straight away.  I always look forward to opportunities to work with Vanessa to inform and inspire and support and coach others.'

JL, Talent Management & Acquisition Director, LVMH Fashion Group


'I feel extremely lucky to have met Vanessa. Given her experience across many facets of self-development be it coaching, mindset coaching or mentoring. Vanessa is able to draw on her expertise in all areas to give an incredibly well rounded 'treatment' for lack of a better word! 

Vanessa's incredible intuition and level of spirituality meant I connected with her on such a deep level and allowed me to really open up without feeling judged or uncomfortable. I also very much appreciate Vanessa's direct approach, not sugar coating anything and being completely honest. At first, I was taken aback by this but it was what allowed me to really get to the crux of my issues and in turn resulted in such an effective outcome. 

Vanessa's ability to create a safe space and such an incredibly personalised experience is what makes her so brilliant at what she does. I was kind of upset that she had 'cracked'/helped me so quickly as I wanted to keep having sessions with her! I would always come away feeling BRILLIANT and that is all down to her incredible ability to understand people and deliver information in a way that suits them

Her tools and techniques are amazing and really worked on me. The tangible tools I was able to take away and use in my daily life have been incredibly beneficial and something I will use forever.'

EG, Marketing Manager at The Walt Disney Studios


'Vanessa has been an incredibly impactful coach on many levels. On first meeting she had a warm and direct style that immediately built trust and confidence to be honest with my thoughts. I’m naturally a reserved character but because of Vanessa’s humour, knowledge, emotional intelligence and kindness I was able to speak freely from the outset. She set clear objectives for each session with simplicity and provided several frameworks to help draw out my own reason for needing a coach. Vanessa had a perfect balance of listening while providing direction helping the sessions feel like an effortless two-way conversation rather than a authoritarian one-way consultation. I found the creative visuals and frameworks easy to understand and incredibly helpful to readdress my own values, objectives and personal mission statement to move forwards in a positive way. While the sessions had a great structure, Vanessa’s own personal style and intuition allowed for moments of investigation outside of the current conversation topic. I never felt bogged down to have to over-explain certain points, instead I had a freedom to be myself and talk openly about my feelings and perspectives.'

MS, Head of Creative Marketing at DMS


'Vanessa was part of the first ever Vizions by Zalando conference. She was a great speaker, imparting wisdom from her career to our audience and ensuring that there was an open discussion at all times. It was a pleasure to work with her.'

KC, former Senior Manager Corporate Communications at Zalando


'I could appreciate the professionalism of Vanessa, she is endowed with impressive propositive skills and ability to identify potentiality in every matter she is involved. Her experience is really a guarantee for the success of the projects she manages. Vanessa has a very positive, friendly and at the same time persistent attitude, that she is able to infuse everybody around, and she is always ready to give support'

PB, Director of MICAM, the tradeshow


'Vanessa is outstanding. Her power, her attitude, her creativity but also her commercial skills are amazing. If you are looking for a perfect consulting leader, she's is the one you should be looking for. Her work is always inspiring, fresh and super exciting. If you have seen one of her famous presentations, you will never forget it your whole life and you definitely want to see more from her. Vanessa is also an extremely hard worker and always holding her deadlines. Vanessa is amazing and every company can be more than proud to have her in their team.'

TT, MD of Coloro The Coloro Code


'Call it pride, call it ego, you name it. The truth is that the "I can do it myself" fallacy is the most lethal business killer - and yet we've all done it least once. The passion behind our projects can be a blinding force: working with experts like Vanessa is the compass to keep our goals in sight. 

To our business, Vanessa has been as precious as gold. With her colourful flair, she renewed energy and direction into our strategy. Her powerful insights re-tuned our strategy and made us pitch-perfect.

Whether you're planning a product launch, a marketing strategy or idea validation, make sure you consult Vanessa for unique insights and guidance. Leave all your beliefs at the door and get ready to see your plans going to new unexpected and exciting directions.'

VL, co-founder & CEO of Dappflow (start-up business)


'I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with Vanessa recently and I just had to let everyone know how amazing and invigorated I felt afterwards.
I have been struggling with confidence issues for a long time and this has been holding me back in my career and in my happiness in recent years. I had heard great things about Vanessa and couldn’t wait to attend her coaching workshop.

What instantly hits you as you enter the room is her positive energy and her big smile. She has a very welcoming nature and I felt at ease straight away. Vanessa is very quick to get everyone engaging and she quickly picks up on negative connotations within your welcome patter. She then has this amazing knack of revealing you layer by layer so you can work out what and why you have issues and how you can rectify that immediately by using more positive language.

Don't be fooled that she will tell you what you want to hear. Vanessa says it as it is but in such a beautiful and unique way.

If I believed in magic I would think that Vanessa is a fairy showering us all in fairy dust!! I and others that attended left that room walking on air and feeling empowered to change our future. It's now 4 weeks later and her words are still with me and I definitely feel that my future is changing because of her coaching in her workshop. I cannot recommend her highly enough her knowledge is second to none.'

FE, Hair and Makeup Artist at 


As Vanessa says, she is part of "Team Too Much" !! So if you want to experience a workshop with a lot of authenticity, energy and self-love...You will be served. With her unique and personal style, Vanessa was able to create a safe environment for our team, while providing great and practical tools. Mixing a strategic and business mindset with an Human centric approach, she was able to give our team clarity, focus and big smiles. A priceless combination of skills in this time of change and uncertainty.

LS, Head of Menswear at Le Bon marché, French luxury Retailer part of LVMH Group



'Vanessa gives me the time to share my thoughts and express my feelings in a safe space. I always feel comfortable to share with her. I trust her and never feel judged when I’m sharing business ideas or my worries. 


She gives me space and she listens wholeheartedly before asking me a question. I can tell from her body language and the tone she uses with me, that she is present and responds accordingly. The open questions always push me to think deeper and be honest with my answer. 

The frameworks have been absolutely fantastic for me to identify ROI, time management, budgets and costing. Her frameworks have given room to explore what I am doing now, what I could be doing more, what I should be doing and what I will do in 2020.


These last two sessions have been incredibly important for me, as I was in the process of working on my strategy for 2020. Now I have a clearer focus on what I need to achieve and I can always refer back to my frameworks and notes.

The benefits of these sessions have been invaluable, I can’t fully express in words the profound change these have had on my life. These coaching sessions with Vanessa have shifted my thinking about myself and the world at large.'

PD, Founder of YSM8 at 


'I took Vanessa's Think/Future workshop and came out a transformed person.

I went in with feelings of not being good enough, and within 1h40mins, Vanessa's unapologetic and charming persona had me feeling differently.  Through asking thoughtful questions, and making each of us see ourselves through a different lens, I came out feeling empowered.  I now know why I do what I do, and I know what I am brilliant at.  I know that I have so much to offer the world.  Because of my insecurities, I had been projecting negative feelings to clients.  Now I have a new positive and powerful narrative.  I was able to reach out to new clients and book meetings within a few days of her workshop.  I feel so much momentum now!  I realize that words matter, and I'm definitely choosing my words to create a more powerful story.'

MT, Creative photographer at

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