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 Do you feel stuck or overwhelmed in your business and need support to reset and be on a track, that will enable you to live your version of success? 


  • If the foundations of your brand are solid enough to sustain time?

  • What are the key opportunities for your brand that you should go after?

  • ​What objectives you should define for the next 6-12 months?

  • How you will develop resilience and confidence to tackle the above?

  • And much more

My key focus is to help you come up with a robust strategic plan for your business, yourself and your team so you can achieve your goals by being relevant and showcase resilience!


I will use all of my expertise and 15- years experience to support the acceleration of your business success. The process will be strategic & creative. I will make sure that you are inspired to maximise the potential of your business by also optimising your personal and team's success in a sustainable manner. In those types of projects, I use my executive coaching skills as well as my business expertise. We will focus on the future growth potential of your business.




  • to define/refine a compelling vision for your business

  • give you the motivation to push through adversity

  • set better goals, reach these faster,

  • make better-informed decisions,

  • improve the effectiveness of your thinking when building your brand (or getting to the next step in your business journey).



  • your accountability partner so you take consistent action towards achieving your business goals

  • your sounding board + mentor + cheerleader.


  • 1-2-1 business coaching sessions for you as the leader or founder

  • Half-day/full-day workshops delivered to you and your team

  • Fixed-term consultancy (where I become an extension of your in-house team for 1-3 days a week)

If you are interested, get in touch!

 I can deliver face to face or remotely.


'For a number of years now, Vanessa has been a key member of our team; energetic, passionate, committed and responsive to each challenge and brief that she is set, this is where the depth of her experience really shines through and guarantees successful outcomes. Whilst initially not within her remit, her coaching skills continuously make an appearance with me or with the team as she looks to support us in our thinking and evolution and when you wrap all of that up into one package with as powerful a delivery as she gives each and every time, it will blow you away.'

Licensing Sales Director, Home + Gifting + Stationery at THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY


'Vanessa helped me identify the goal, the current reality, explore the possibilities and alternative strategies and what actions I will take to make my goal a reality. Exploring the realities and future possibilities was a real eye opener.

The frameworks shared by Vanessa have given room to explore what I am doing now, what I could be doing more, what I should be doing and what I will do in 2020. Now I have a clearer focus on what I need to achieve and I can always refer back to my frameworks and notes.'

Poonam Dhuffer, Founder of YSM8


Strategy + Drive + Passion

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