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Do you want everyone in your team to understand how they can show up as a leader every day by embracing a growth mindset and achieve the business objectives?


  • How to define the purpose, mission and/or vision of your business or division better?

  • How you can re-focus and re-energise after a structural change?

  • What are the strengths of your team and how you can leverage these better?

  • And much more

As a Leadership Coach, I truly believe that without people, there is no business. My primary focus is to help you and your team perform at your best, whatever your industry, KPIs or business goals. 

Together, we will review where you are now, and I will facilitate great conversations between different members of your team so we can define where you need to be next, and more importantly how to get there. I will focus on providing an external perspective to you and your team.

By really engaging and focussing on your business and team goals, I will help:

  • Everyone gain clarity about the challenges you are facing now

  • Understand how the team sees things and what the potential barriers are to achieve the overall vision

  • Align everyone where you want to be in the next 12-18 months

  • Everyone to feel more confident about where you are going and how you will get there

  • Instil a sense of purpose and motivation into everyone

  • Have a better understanding of everyday leadership



  • your coach

  • your accountability partner so you take consistent action towards achieving your business goals

  • your sounding board + mentor + cheerleader


  • Everyday leadership in the workplace

  • Let's focus on your strengths

  • Collaborative leadership

  • Focus your energy on what matters

  • Growth mindset

  • And more


  • Keynote presentation on leadership topics

  • 1-2-1 coaching for senior team members

  • Half-day/full-day workshop delivered to you & your team + 6 months follow-up

  • Ongoing bespoke leadership programme over a few months

If you are interested, get in touch!

 I can deliver face to face or remotely.


  • 'Vanessa's energy is perfect for us, and a European audience'.

  • 'Vanessa is amazing and brings very good energy'.

  • 'It was not only about concept, it was about deeply connecting "tune it" with their meaning and making us take a step forward. This truly empowered us. Vanesa did a great job in facilitating that!'

  • 'Good cadence, inspiring and helping to demystify what a leader is. Love Vanessa, perfect energy for this event and she feels part of the family'

Feedback from attendees at the 2018 Women's Leadership

Summit at Levi Strauss & Co European HQ


'Overall, over 85% of respondents scored the workshop as 'Very good' or 'Excellent', with 890% of respondents saying that they would recommend the workshop to friends or colleagues. Respondents described the workshop as 'very relevant, very useful with concepts/models that can be applied straight away, an opportunity for self-reflection, engaging and lively. A great comment was 'Vanessa was able to bring a lot of good energy through the session - which can be very tough to do virtually! The session was still interactive and the small group meant the session stayed true to its purpose as a group coaching session' 

Series of Zoom Virtual workshops with 40 LVMH GROUP Brands & HR female leaders


'Fully 100% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that her presentation was effective, and positive reactions to her presentation came up in over a dozen open-ended comments throughout the survey. Respondents described her talk as 'amazing, inspiring and life-changing.' 

2017 Women's leadership workshops at LEVI STRAUSS & CO offices in Brussels

Extract of post-event survey



'Vanessa Belleau is a charismatic, engaging speaker with a laser point on the human need for connection. She has delivered thought-provoking and inspirational talks for in-person and virtual corporate events that generated convos long-after. My inbox is full of "thank you's" from participants ranging from C-Suite to new hires appreciating her authentic message and delightful delivery. Do yourself a favor and hire VB-like now!' 

RINGCENTRAL Instructional Designer and SASSY Women Events Co-Lead


Empathy + Collaboration + Expertise

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