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I love to engage with an audience and journalists to share my expertise & passion.

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I regularly deliver keynotes, run workshops, webinars or take part in panel discussions at events. I also love an interview so get in touch!


I had the opportunity to speak at various company events and conferences all over the globe - from London to Tokyo, via Milan, Paris, Amsterdam and San Salvador.

I deliver relevant future consumer + society insights and educational talks that will open the mind of your audience.

My delivery style is very relatable and entertaining as I get everyone to learn, think, laugh and be inspired. My goal is to create a safe learning and conversational space where everyone feels comfortable and acknowledged.


  • DEIB [Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging] ?! What is it all about and what is at stake?

  • ​Let's talk about unconscious bias

  • How to create a Belonging workplace culture

  • Let's focus on future generational lifestyles

  • Let's talk about imposter syndrome

  • Let's talk about everyday leadership 

  • Let's talk about inclusive leadership


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  • get me to run a webinar or workshop on Diversity and Inclusion topics and/or future consumer + societal insights that will open your mind to new possibilities

  • support you with your business strategy

  • help you with your Diversity & Inclusion strategy

  • coach you and/or your team to be the best version of you to deliver your business goals

  • and more!


 I can deliver face to face or remotely!

  • In an hour presentation with Q&A

  • In a half/full day workshop

  • in 1-2-1 sessions

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'Vanessa is one of a few people who have captivated me from the moment I first met her. Her energy, thought process and ways of engaging her audience are incredible. We first met when Vanessa was giving a presentation at Bloomberg, and from that moment on l knew that I needed her skills to support our business. We have worked on numerous projects together and every time she delivers to the highest levels. Vanessa will challenge you and your business to think better and support you to deliver change with a positive mindset. She will enable you to deliver your message in the most unique way and that’s part of what makes her and Hi Fifteen stand out from the crowd.'

Executive Director at LOEWE

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'Vanessa was part of the first ever Vizions by Zalando conference. She was a great speaker, imparting wisdom from her career to our audience and ensuring that there was an open discussion at all times. It was a pleasure to work with her.'

KC, former Senior Manager Corporate Communications at ZALANDO


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