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Do you want to know the future societal and consumer trends that will help you make better-informed business decisions, especially in regard to your team? 


  • What your next growth opportunity is, based on these trends?

  • ​How to remain relevant and understand when and how to adopt these trends?

  • How Generation Z or Generation Alpha engage with the workplace?

  • And more

In a world where change is the only constant, remaining relevant and showcasing resilience are the two main requirements for all brands to succeed. I have spent 15 years in the field of market research and market insights. I am obsessed with getting companies and people to understand the bigger context their brand(s) operate in, so decisions are taken in an informed and objective manner.

Throughout my career, I have convinced many businesses of the use of my 3C framework that helps all departments in an organisation - from Marketing to Finance via Design and Commercial - to come up with a list of considered future actions that will positively impact the bottom line.


  • Understanding future generational lifestyles

  • 2025 retail insights

  • 2023 consumer behavioural shifts

  • Pioneering a new mindset of luxury service

  • The future of work

  • I can also develop something bespoke ⭐️


  • Informal lunch and learn

  • Keynote presentation or half-day workshop

  • Bespoke collaboration to suit a specific brief

If you are interested, get in touch!

 I can deliver face to face or remotely.


'Even companies as large as ours need to have its eyes opened to new ways of thinking and perspective and Vanessa continuously delivers varied and strategic thinking that challenges us, especially my team to think outside the box and consider not only how we adapt to the changing environment but pushes us to think about the consumer and our responsibility to them to deliver the best products in the right retail destinations.'

Licensing Sales Director, Home + Gifting + Stationery at THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY

Beyond Green 2017-172.jpg



Keynote presentation on sustainability for the Amsterdam Fashion Institute + Circular economy 'Beyond Green, designing the future of fashion' 


'In stark contrast to the usual doom & gloom tales regarding the state of the world, Vanessa instead exuded of joie de vivre (joy of living). A true gem, Vanessa painted a whole new world of magic and disruption that had the audience rolling. For Vanessa, it is "not about buying something, it's about being something." Thinking along the path of Now-New-Next, she outlined the need to deconstruct the current, be brave, and disrupt to ultimately make our dreams a reality.'



Versatile + Intuitive + Committed

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