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What is success when change is the only constant?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

I have been asked to reflect on the concept of success and how in this moment of crisis we could all redefine our definition of it!

I really liked thinking about this, because it is the right moment to redefine so many concepts and behaviours and actually be intentional about them all!

This quote by Maya Angelou describes success in such a way that I just had to use it as the anchor of my response. It is so thorough as it really embodies the 3 main dimensions we should be thinking about when defining success: our emotional relationship with ourselves, with what our job is and how we do that job.

Most of my clients are still extremely busy - dealing with employee matters (furlough, performance management, adjustment to working from home, etc etc etc) and business matters (review of strategy, new strategies deployment, budgets reviews, crisis management, cash flows issues, etc etc etc) - the lists are long and often painful.

What I am witnessing is a common exhaustion and intense, often silent, pain. The anxiety has been replaced by a feeling of wanting to do even more than in the office somehow - to prove that their professionalism and productivity are unrealistically untouched from this situation maybe? Or to keep themselves anchored into something they feel they can control. We tend to think that there is maybe a mix of both of these thoughts and many more that are all colliding in people’s brains at the moment.

Liking ourselves, what we do and how we do it is definitely something that we have been really reflecting on these past few days. The output of this reflection is leading to us crafting new plans and new actions for ourselves so we can influence and empower others to do the same. Whilst we are not sure about the real success of all of the plans, we are certain that it’s the right time to revise the original plans and that feels good!

Because really this time is also a time for all of us to really think about what makes us comfortable and true to our values. ✨

Have a wonderful day and stay safe wherever you are! 😉

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